The Workload

More than workers…it’s a common scenario as businesses become leaner and more competitive. Today’s fast-paced environment calls for staffing strategies that are immediately responsive, highly flexible and economically sensible. CoreLink Staffing Services offers strategic solutions through three divisions, helping you manage the workload by filling the gaps in your workforce.

  • Long- and Short-Term Staffing
  • Placement Services
    Direct Hire
  • On-Site Management
  • Peak and Project Management
  • Outsourcing

The Workforce

CoreLink is a complete staffing link to your “core” staff. As a flexible extension of your company, CoreLink makes sure you always have the right people to get the job done—and get it done right.

The Solution

To bridge the gap between the workload and the workforce, link up with CoreLink. CoreLink was started by two HR professionals. As customers of staffing firms themselves, CoreLink’s founders set out to design a service that would understand and meet the staffing needs of business and HR managers—as seen through the eyes of the client.