About CLS

Conceived through the eyes of the client, CoreLink was founded in 1980. Our vision, “Bringing People and Organizations Together to Maximize Work Results” is the foundation behind CoreLink—individual focus on clients, staff and workforce. We wanted to use our extensive human resource experience to help clients implement staffing strategies to increase productivity, control costs and intensify core business focus. We wanted to provide a workplace for our staff that offered fun, growth and decision-making authority. And we wanted to offer lifestyle choices to our flexible workforce by providing cutting edge workstyle opportunities.

The core philosophies that have been instrumental in establishing CoreLink’s strategic direction are a focus on specialty niche markets and the development of a network organization comprised of entrepreneurial self-managed teams. Our passionate focus on these core values has enabled us to build a rapidly growing company with an excellent reputation in the marketplace.

The company’s staffing services are divided into three specialty niches: Office Administration, Human Resources, and Marketing and Graphic Communications. We provide a broad spectrum of staffing services in each niche, offering our clients and employees the flexibility they choose.